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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Oneself

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How to Choose the Right Sports Bra for Oneself

Actually, many people already know to wear sports underwear when exercising. But when I open the shopping app and search for sports underwear, the items that catch my eye are more and more beautiful, each with a different style. So how should we choose?

Underwear Support And Scene Matching

When facing various types of sports underwear, we should temporarily put aside the love at first sight style and prioritize the actual scene. As we have described multiple times before, the core function of sports underwear is strong support. So how do you choose the type of sports bra support that suits you? That is, make the most of everything and consider the occasion on which you wear it.

Low-Strength Support: Simple Fixed Style

Low-strength support sports underwear is often represented by narrow shoulder straps and non-full coverage. From the style, it can be seen that there is no clear distinction in the structure of low-strength support sports underwear. Relying on a layer of elastic mesh fabric for easy fixation, some also provide detachable padding for chest shape adjustment, providing more operability in terms of wrapping.

Low strength support: simple fixed style

Low-intensity support sports underwear is more suitable for cautious and slow low-intensity movements due to its low wrapping and binding properties. It can be regarded as a type of sport without any bouncing movements. For exercises such as yoga, Pilates, barre, and mild strength training that require body extension, low-intensity support styles can be attempted.

The low-strength support style does not have a large area of fabric constraints, so there is not much difference in comfort compared to regular underwear. Therefore, if sports bra elements are added to daily wear, the above styles are perfect. At the same time, the low-strength support style is also very convenient to put on and take off, especially when taking off the underwear after sweating. There will be no embarrassment of not being able to take it off. However, the low-strength support style is not very complete in wrapping, and it is easy to have the side breasts move during wearing and sports. However, this is actually a situation that most sports bras encounter during exercise, so don't worry too much.

Medium-strength support:pressure-fixed style

Most of the medium-strength support underwear is pressure-fixed, and the style is mostly presented with wide shoulder straps and a large area of wrapping on the back. Pressure-fixed sports underwear is the type used by the vast majority of sports bras, mainly relying on fabric elasticity and adopting a partially compressed design to achieve the purpose of fixing the chest.

This style of sports bra takes into account factors such as breast shape, structure, and shoulder back stress when cutting and achieves good fixation while still maintaining relative comfort through the support of the bra structure. But it has to be said that pressure-fixed underwear is generally prone to strangulation.

Medium strength support: pressure fixed style

The medium-strength support style is more suitable for sports with a slightly faster pace (with appropriate bounce movements), such as running, dynamic cycling, strength training, tennis, badminton, and other sports that require flexible walking coordination. During the process of fully experiencing sports, there is no need to worry about the damage caused by body shaking, which not only ensures support but also provides a certain level of comfort.

Medium-strength sports underwear is suitable for the vast majority of sports scenes and sports groups. Whether it's the experience of chest support or the comfort of underwear, the overall experience is still good. If you don't know which type of sports scenario is suitable for you, then choose the medium-strength support type.

High-strength support: composite structure style

High-strength support styles are generally fixed by a combination of wrapping and pressure, similar to the general style of medium-strength support underwear. Special steel brackets are added to obtain better support and fabric strength. Especially suitable for high-impact sports and high-intensity sports experiences for girls with large breasts.

High-intensity support styles are suitable for high-intensity movements with high frequency and amplitude, such as marathons, high-intensity aerobic exercise, basketball, football, boxing, and other powerful explosive sports.However, if most people engage in daily exercise, there is no need to choose high-intensity support. They can choose according to their own needs and scenarios.

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