How to Use a Bra Size Fitting Calculator to Find the Best Bra for You?

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How to Use a Bra Size Fitting Calculator to Find the Best Bra for You?

Finding a new bra might be difficult. The same person may wear multiple different bra sizes because sizes can vary significantly between brands. But resist giving up. A bra size fitting calculator is one tool that might be useful. Find a comfy bra that fits you with these suggestions.

Why Is It So Hard to Find a Bra That Fits?

You are aware of how drastically different garment sizes may be between brands, or even within the same one? Unfortunately, bras suffer from the same problem. This is caused by a variety of elements, including the fabric and style as well as the fit model they employed. When a designer wants to ensure that a piece of clothing fits properly on a human body, they use a fit model.

According to bra specialist Linda Becker, "Even in the same company, sometimes the bras all run differently, and a 34B [in one style] is not the same as another 34B."

What does it mean for the typical bra shopper, then? It's crucial to understand that bra sizes aren't a precise science, and you might need to try on many bad options before you discover one that fits perfectly.

However, having a clear grasp of your metrics and what they imply might give you a decent notion of where to begin. Professional fits are available at many luxury lingerie stores, however even these might vary depending on the precise technique used and common human mistake. There are resources and tips available to assist you if you'd like to determine your bra size in the privacy of your home.

How to Find Your Bra Size at Home?

If you want to go the self-measuring route, you’ll need to find your band and cup size using a measuring tape. Bra sizes combine numbers for the band size with letters for the cup size. Before you start, make sure you’re wearing an unpadded bra — that will make the measurements more accurate.

Follow these steps to find your bra size:

th size of your band. Measure your back about the area immediately behind your breasts (where the bra band often rests). Your band size is that.

the size of your bust. Hold the measuring tape over the widest area of your breasts as you now loop it around your back. Your breast size is that.

Add your band size to your bust measurement. The difference between these two figures indicates the distance between your breasts and ribcage.

Utilize that figure to determine your cup size. The number you obtained in step three may now be used to locate your cup size on a bra size chart.

Bra size charts may vary a bit from brand to brand, but here’s an example of a U.S. bra size chart. Remember, the numbers are what you get (in inches) when you subtract your band size from your bust size:

1 = A Cup

2 = B Cup

3 = C Cup

4 = D Cup

5 = DD or E Cup

6 = DDD or F Cup

7 = DDDD or G Cup

8 = H Cup

And so on — for every inch of difference between band and bust size, you go up a letter in cup size.

Once you have your cup size, combine it with your band size. If your band is 38 and your cup is D, your size is a 34D — or at least that’s a good place to start!

Don’t Feel Like Reading a Chart? Use a Bra Size Fitting Calculator

There are several wonderful internet programs that will complete the task for you if you don't feel like performing subtraction and reading a chart. Some bra size fitting calculators, like this one from Bare Necessities, are more simple. Some, like this tool from Third Love, go beyond the statistics to include factors like the form of your breasts.

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