Question & Answer for How to Choose a Swimsuit

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Question & Answer for How to Choose a Swimsuit


My dress size is XL. Shall I select size L?

Abely Answer

If your dress size is XL, you should probably buy an XL swimsuit. However, if you can fit into a size L comfortably, go ahead.


If I am 13 and I am going to play in the pool. Should I wear a bikini or not? They are all the rage for teens. I don't want to embarrass myself.

Abely Answer

Don't do anything you feel uncomfortable with just because everyone else is. You can still look great in a one-piece suit or tankini. Just wear whatever you want to.


I have a big belly, what swimsuit should I wear?

Abely Answer

I would suggest a one piece or tankini in a dark color, with some ruffles on the stomach/chest area. The ruffles and the dark color will disguise your stomach.


I have big thighs and I would like to hide my stretch marks on my belly. What type of swimsuit should I get?

Abely Answer

I'd recommend an open-back one piece. Pick a color or pattern that's flattering to draw attention away from your thighs.


I have an unusually large chest for my age and a big butt. I am also a little chubby, but I feel like I am fat in the belly and my thighs are huge. What swimsuit do I pick?

Abely Answer

You could wear a one piece with padding fitted into it. Also, if you feel like your thighs and belly are fat, you could wear some long, high-waisted shorts. A big butt is also considered attractive, but if you don't want the extra attention, the shorts I mentioned earlier are great at hiding that.


If I'm fat, should I wear a one piece swim suit?

Abely Answer

You should wear whatever you think is cute and comfortable. If that's a one piece, awesome. If you like two pieces, go for it. It's your body.


How should I prevent my nipples from showing on my swimsuit?

Abely Answer

I would consider buying a swimsuit with padding built into it. If you can't find one in your size, pull your hair forward so that it covers your chest if your hair is long enough. Most people won't be staring at your chest, but it is good to use these options.


Is it okay to wear board shorts if I'm a girl?

Abely Answer

Yes! If you want a more traditionally feminine fit, you can also try women's swim shorts.


Do I buy a swimsuit in the size pants that I wear?

Abely Answer

It depends on the swimsuit. Most are designed to fit according to traditional sizes, but some companies have their own system.


How do I buy a swimsuit when I have tiny breasts?

Abely Answer

Look for a top in the junior's section. If that doesn't work out, you can always get an alteration.


I'm 13 years old, 5'9 and around 120 lbs, can I still get a one-piece, or what style should I wear?

Abely Answer

In the end, how you look like doesn't matter as much as how you feel. One-piece suits usually fit all body types and shapes. Try something with bold and eccentric patterns.


What type of swimsuit is best for pendulous breasts?

Abely Answer

Consider trying the swimwear selection at a lingerie store. You can find a very supportive top in your bra size that's still really cute.


How do you feel about swim dresses? Do you think they're too old ladyish?

Abely Answer

Try to pick something with a little flair, and if anyone calls you old laddish, just know you're showing off your own unique style.


What type of swimsuit do I use if I am an apple type body?

Abely Answer

If I were you, I would wear a full piece (normal), maybe with an open back.


Can I wear a medium-sleeved swimsuit top and boy swim shorts? I don't like showing off armpit hair and I can't shave.

Abely Answer

Yes, that seems perfect! You can also find a rash guard which has sleeves like a shirt, but is made of swimsuit material.


Do I need to wear panties and a bra inside the swimwear?

Abely Answer

No. Most swimsuits have pads in the tops that act as a bra. Panties are not needed, either.


My bust size is medium, my waist is x-large, and my hips are small on the size chart, so what size swimsuit should I get?

Abely Answer

If you're getting a two-piece, get different sizes for the top and bottom. If you're getting a one-piece, get a medium, but try it on first. Remember, get whatever makes you feel god about yourself.


Are there any one piece swimsuits with long sleeves?

Abely Answer

Yes. You may be able to find some in an athletic-wear store or online.


Is full body swimwear (bodysuit swimwear) comfortable while taking swimming classes? If not, why and what type of swimwear should I wear?

Abely Answer

I never really find full body swimwear comfortable for swimming classes. I tend to go for a normal swimsuit with an open back.


What is the best swimsuit for an hourglass body type?

Abely Answer

A bikini would be the best option, but you can wear whatever type of suit you are the most comfortable with.


If I choose a larger size because I am tall, will it increase the length of the suit or just the overall size?

Abely Answer

It will increase the size and length, actually, so beware. Make sure you try on the swimsuit before buying it/taking off the tags.


Should I find a padded swimsuit to wear if I have size 36C breasts?

Abely Answer

It's entirely up to you. If you think a padded swimsuit is more comfortable, then you should wear that. However, you shouldn't feel any pressure to wear a padded swimsuit if that's not your preference.


I'm young and a bit chubby, and I want to make my belly, thighs, and breasts look smaller, what do I wear?

Abely Answer

A tankini with a high-waist bottom and a loose, ruffled top would be best. If you can, try to find one that cuts low on the legs rather than rising high over the hips.


I'm a US size 10. What size should I buy if I am getting a swimsuit that only comes in Chinese sizes?

Abely Answer

A size 10 converts to a XXL in Chinese underwear sizes. See if the manufacturer provides a size conversion suggestion though just in case they have a different scale.


I'm 12. How do I find a swimsuit that won't show my nipples?

Abely Answer

Searching in the woman's section may give you some options with padding. If they don't fit you, try finding suits with lots of colorful patterns on the chest, which will help. You could also use sew-on or glue-on bra pads.


I'm pretty skinny and short, but I’m in middle school and the only suits in my size are either neon or just plan ugly, and I hate girly things. What should I do?

Abely Answerer

You may have to broaden the place you shop for swimsuits, because there are swimsuits of many types and it might not be local. Lots of women who prefer less girly swimwear like an athletic style top with board shorts, or a conservative tank swimsuit.


I ordered a swim shirt. Should I wear a tank top inside?

Abely Answerer

With swim shirts, a swim top or suit is worn under the swimsuit. Support of the bust with a swim suit is important for women who have a developed chest and swim shirts do not provide this. A tank top might be fine in lieu of a swimsuit.


I want to give an illusion of bigger hips. What kind of swimsuit can I wear?

Abely Answer

Think patterns, but not too flashy. A plain top with a patterned bottom is the way to go. This will draw attention to your hips.


I'm slim in all parts of my body, except for my thighs. What type of swimsuit would make my thighs less noticeable?

Abely Answer

Wear a dark colored one piece swimsuit. Dark colors make you look slimmer by drawing attention away from your less flattering areas.


I have a lot of arm fat and I really want to wear a bikini but I don't want it to show. What should I do?

Abely Answer

Just wear whatever you feel comfortable in for swimming. The beach is for everyone just ignore any negative comments you are there to have fun. Every body is the right body for a swimsuit.

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