Swimsuit Quality Varies: Consumers Should Be Cautious When Choosing

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Swimsuit Quality Varies: Consumers Should Be Cautious When Choosing

Summer high temperature, not only with fire downtown major natatorium business, swimwear products also became a hot item. When I visited some sporting goods shops and wholesale markets in urban areas, I found that the quality of bathing suits sold in some wholesale markets was uneven, with a large price gap. Some small shops sold bathing suits as "three nothing" products, which brought safety risks to consumers.

Swimwear prices vary widely

A few days ago, I went to a nearby sporting goods store, where a large number of swimsuits, goggles, life buoys and other items were hanging on the shelves. The boss told reporters, "from the end of June, with the opening of several big swimming bikini places in the city, to buy swimming equipment more and more people, especially in the early July heat days, business is very hot, the highest daily sales reached 1000 yuan."

The shop sells a wide variety of swimsuits and trunks ranging in price from 10 yuan to 100 yuan, and has a complete range of swimsuits, especially women's swimsuits. The owner told reporters that the price of the swimsuit in the 40 to 50 yuan is the best seller, selling this mainly depends on the weather, hot weather, a day can sell 30 to 40 pieces. The reporter discovers the swimsuit that the price is in 50 yuan below did not make clear to use the information such as size of standard, model.

In large supermarket, all sorts of swimsuit price is mostly in dozens of yuan above, expensive amount to 200 or 300 yuan. "The higher-priced swimsuits are mostly bought by young couples." Supermarket staff told reporters.

Cheap swimsuits are mostly three products

Then came to yuhua market, in several department stores, many merchants have started the swimsuit business. Various styles of swimsuits, goggles, swimming rings placed in a conspicuous position.

A visit found that bathing suits here are generally under 40 or 50 yuan, with the cheapest men's swimming trunks priced at 5 yuan. "It's something you use for a month, it's cheap, you wear it a few times and then you throw it away." "Said some shopkeepers.

Pick up a few swimsuits to examine conveniently, although the swimsuit that discovers a few cheap is colorful, but mostly fabrics is very thin, make the making of STH rough. On most swimsuits, the "fabric" section on the label says "nylon 80%, spandex 20%." "It's basically this fabric," the owner said. "Cheap and expensive."

Due to the swimwear has the characteristics of less materials and relatively simple technology, most of the swimwear production is small workshops, and there are few famous brands in the market, which also leads to the lower quality of the whole market.

Sharpen your eyes and buy qualified products

Since bathing suits are close-fitting items, low-quality bathing suits are not only easy to break, but also harm the skin and have a shorter service life. There is a relevant industry standard for swimwear, generally popular swimwear fabric is spandex 18%-20%, nylon 80% or so.

City disappear assist staff member points out, choose the product of a few normal manufacturer of choose and buy as far as possible when bathing suit, there should be factory name factory address on bathing suit. For those ultra-low swimsuits, consumers should polish their eyes, carefully buy, as far as possible to choose qualified products, it is suggested that consumers had better go to the formal shopping mall to buy complete labeling, quality safety and reliable swimsuits.

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