How to choose a baby's swimwear?

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How to choose a baby's swimwear?

Swimming has many benefits for a child's physical and mental health development. The sooner you learn to swim, the easier it is to overcome your fear of water and learn to swim. Therefore, more and more parents want their children to learn to swim as soon as they are in infancy.

But how do you choose a swimsuit for your baby? Parents want to dress their baby in the cutest clothes, but there are countless types of swimsuits on the market, and baby swimsuits come in a variety of styles, prints, colors, and sizes to suit every age and need. How to choose a swimsuit that looks good, is comfortable, and fits your child? Here are some tips on how to choose your baby's swimwear.

What kind of fabric do you choose?

As a baby's supply, safety is the first concern for every parent. After all, a baby's skin is so delicate, protecting your baby's skin should be a top priority, and the clothes attached to the body must be safe. Look for materials that are soft against baby’s skin and stretch for maximum comfort. As a material for swimsuits, basically, swimsuits are made of spandex. Spandex fabric advantages are good elasticity, good applicability to the body, will not compress the muscles of the body, in the baby's underwater activities, will not bind the baby's hands and feet, and convenient for the baby's body to use flexibly. Compared with cotton swimsuits, polyester fiber is more suitable for babies, lined with polyester fiber, soft fit, not only does not irritate the skin, but also anti-static, so that the child's skin is more comfortable when swimming.

When swimming indoors or outdoors, what should you pay attention to in baby swimsuit?

If you are at the beach or outdoors, sun-protected swimsuits are the key, be sure to look for the sun protection index SPF50+, which can prevent the baby's skin from tanning or sunburned to a certain extent. Before taking your baby to swim outdoors, put sunscreen on your child half an hour in advance, in fact, the ultraviolet radiation in the water is stronger than on the shore. Many people may say that we take the baby to swim in the indoor pool, if we are swimming in the pool, you don’t need to consider the sun protection function of the swimsuit, you can choose chlorine-resistant water, reduce the time that chlorinated water stays on the skin, and can also make the swimsuit more durable.

How should you choose a swimsuit style for your baby?

Choose swimwear according to different ages. Infant should choose one-piece baby swimsuit, which can protect the baby's belly well so that the baby does not get cold in the wind during the process of playing in the water. One-piece swimsuits are better wrapped to prevent your baby from falling off with activity, and they also wrap diapers better. If you're training in the pot, pick a split swimsuit, such as rash vest and swim shorts. These are easier to pull down and up when your little one needs to use the potty. But before taking your newly trained toilet child to the pool or water park, there are no swimming diapers, think again. All the excitement and distractions can easily lead to accidents.

It is important to note that babies also need special swimming diapers when they are in the pool. These special diapers have stronger elasticity and prevent leakage. There are reusable and disposable types of swimming diapers on the market.

In addition to the above, with the colors and designs of your swimsuit, for water safety, keep the following in mind: some colors are harder to see in the water. White and blue shades will make it harder to spot your child in the water, while bright and neon shades of green, purple, red, and orange are easier to see. And all materials should be fixed and not easy to fall off, such as shoulder straps, bows, etc. falling off is easy to cause unnecessary damage to the baby.

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