Why do you have to wear a swimsuit in a pool?

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Why do you have to wear a swimsuit in a pool?

Swimming is one of the favorite sports for both men and women. Swimming can make people feel relaxed, happier and healthier. It can also treat and prevent chronic diseases and enhance physical fitness. It can make the people will feel confident and comfortable when they are swimming. More and more people like to go to the beach or swim in the pool.

When you go to the swimming pool, you may have noticed that the recreation pool has specific rules about what you can and cannot wear. You will find that the street clothes which our normal clothes are strictly forbidden. Why you can’t wear normal clothes in swimming pool? Why you should wear a swimsuit in a pool?

What can wear in the swimming pool

When you go swimming in the pool, please remember to wear a swimsuit. Choose the swimwear what you like and what suits you.

There are many different styles of swimsuits on the market, there are include


One piece swimsuit


• Swim short

• Trunks

• Swim brief

• Beach wear

• Swim diaper

Some swimming pool will allow you to wear other types of clothing. This is not for all the pool, which need to check with your local pool for further information and the guidance on suitable swimwear. Below some wear for your reference:

The slim T-shirt or the leggings under your swimwear.

• Wetsuit

• The burkini swimsuit

• Boardshort

• Leggings

Wearing a suitable swimsuit is simply for aesthetics or to promote unity. It's also set up to keep you and everyone else safe in the pool.

What can not wear in the swimming pool?

It is important to know that you should not wear normal clothes in the pool. Especially some too loose clothes, some clothes in cotton, denim fabric, wool fabric and cashmere fabric…because the clothes will absorb water that will make the swimmer lose weight, which increase the chance of drowning. And they are also contaminate the pool water as the clothe fibers is easily clog filtration system that bringing in external contaminants. This is why wearing normal clothes in swimming pools is usually forbidden.

And what clothes can not wear ? there are include:

• Baggy T-shirt

• Jeans

• Trousers

• Outdoor shorts

• Dress

• Coat

• Pajamas

• Skirt

Of course, it is also not recommended to wear accessories, as this will affect your swimming and they can easily be lost. And you can't wear shoes.

What else will need to take when you go swimming? You can bring a towel, clean underwear, clothes, goggles, swim cap, earplugs and nose clips.

Above are just my suggestions. I hope they can help you! Enjoy your swimming!

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