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What kind of cloth is usually used to make swimsuits?

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What kind of cloth is usually used to make swimsuits?

Swimsuits made with too much polyester fabric are not good, but those made with 18% spandex as the main fabric are good. For swimsuits, the fabric has to be very stretchable to prevent swimming too snug and without stretching.

1. At present, the best material is spandex silk. The standard of spandex silk composition is above 15%, 18% is the best. When swimming, we should pay attention to the satisfaction level of the chlorine molecular structure composition of the raw water of the swimming pool. At this stage, the swimsuit made of the most popular three-dimensional elastic textile material in the world is most suitable for low temperature water or swimming. Because the cloth is more hollow, it is easier to maintain body temperature.

2. Polyamide fabric, the material chosen for mid-range swimwear, is durable, but its defect is poor ductility, easy to fold, reduced wet strength, and easy to loosen when wearing. Nylon fabric swimsuit belongs to the mid-range price, natural and spandex fabric swimsuit comparison, ductility is not good, but the ductility is very good. Because of its high quality and low price, it is also the most commonly used swimsuit fabric today.

The swimwear made of polyamide fabric is very malleable, and the body is very easy to be limited. Therefore, most of the swimwear is used in a small range of separate swimwear, which is not suitable for swimwear, and most of them belong to low-end goods. This kind of material is very little direct application, the vast majority of it is mixed with spandex silk and spandex after application.

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