2023 Swimsuits Selection Guide - What Color Suits Your Skin?

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2023 Swimsuits Selection Guide - What Color Suits Your Skin?

The most important thing is to pick a swimsuit that suits your body, avoiding the shortcomings of the body, is the surefire way. In this article, I'm going to give you some advice on how to choose your swimsuit with color.

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Fair skin tone

Fair skin tone is the easiest to match swimwear and can be said to be the gold standard.

Suitable for: light yellow, light blue, light pink, and other light colors; big red, dark blue, dark gray, and other dark colors

Not suitable for: light gray, light green, light purple, and taupe color too light, easy to mix the color

Fair-skinned people can also choose light blue, pink, and light-colored series of swimwear that will look extra youthful, soft, and sweet. Wearing dark series such as big red, dark blue, and dark gray will make the skin look more white, sharp, and charming.

If the skin tone is too white, or cyanotic, it is not appropriate to wear cold tones, otherwise, it will highlight the more pale face and even look sickly face.

Blackish skin tone

Suitable for: light brown, light blue, dark gray, black, white, gray, and other warm tones of weak saturated color

Not suitable for: dark blue, dark red, and other gray colors

Dark-skinned girls can use green, red, and violet as complementary colors. White, gray, and black are toning colors. Yellow darker skin tone is more or less dull, gray tone clothes although it is the basic color, do not show color. It looks earthy and rustic. This color must be carefully chosen.

Remember not to choose dark red and other gray colors.

Yellowish skin

Suitable for: blue, light blue, pink, orange, and other warm tones

Not suitable for: green, gray, purple

Blue is very suitable for girls with yellow skin, both light blue and dark blue are yellow skin's, lifelong love. Oriental skin is mostly yellow, there is a sense of beauty in the abandoned sunlight, but always gives an impression of not being healthy enough.

So the color that is similar to the skin tone is most likely to look dull and gaunt. Therefore, for yellow skin people, and our own skin tone similar to the yellow system, brown system, orange system, camel system, etc. are not recommended to use a large area. Especially the unadjusted positive yellow must be avoided.

Wheat color

Suitable for: black, white, dark blue, dark gray, emerald green

Not suitable for: tea green, dark green

Wheat-colored skin can choose light-colored clothes in addition to trying out prints, stripes, plaids, and other elements that are not out of fashion. But what skin tone will not be suitable to wear teal green, or dark green color, because the contrast with the skin tone is too big?

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