How to buy cycling clothes?

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How to buy cycling clothes?

Cycling, for ordinary cyclists, is a healthy fashion sport. For cyclists, it is a fierce competition for speed, endurance and skills, as well as a competition for cycling and cycling equipment. Among the cycling equipment, the most important one is the cycling clothing. It determines the comfort and exercise level of the whole cycling exercise. Cycling clothes are so important, how can we choose high-quality cycling clothes? Note the following points.

Note the choice of the version type.

Version is very critical, cycling clothing is a professional thing. Not like a watermelon or a watermelon one. So to choose cycling clothes, you must choose a professional. And professional cycling clothes in the version of the considerable research. The score are very detailed.

Pay attention to the fabric choice.

If it is a cycling underwear, because it is worn close to the body, so the comfort of the fabric is very high. In the cold winter, usually choose warm, breathable, good thermal insulation polyester fabric. When the weather is hot, we have to choose light fabrics that sweat, breathe, are easy to wash and dry, such as mesh polyester fabric, and the high-end is the yarn made by Meraklon. At the same time, we can also carry out some post-treatment of the fabric, such as adding antibacterial and odor-resistant silver ions, or antibacterial fiber.

The fabric of cycling clothing is characterized by functionality, protection, closeness and comfort. The improved polyester fiber is not only high strength, elasticity, extensibility, good wear resistance, strong and durable; but also has good air permeability and perspiration, which can discharge a lot of sweat quickly and keep the body surface dry.

Pay attention to the details of the cycling suit.

Do not know the clothes how to judge the grade of a clothes? To look at the details, to look at the propaganda is useless. Details can see the quality and grade of the product. What details?

Please note the following points:

Do manual work

Sewing is straight, smooth, with no rough thread, which is a symbol of quality. Those professional high-end brand products without wiring, disconnection, and jumping needle. Very few threads are not cut clean.

Pattern counterpoint

The characteristic of cycling clothes is that there are many patterns, which puts forward high requirements for the production. The requirements must be neat, natural, neat. General cycling clothes seem to be on the eye, in fact, are very far-fetched, because it is forced to pull on, so unnatural, awkward. To achieve natural smooth alignment, not only need sewing time, but also need a system of cooperation and source support. Including: drawing matching, cutting matching, sewing matching, ironing counterpoint.


The most important ingredient in cycling clothes is the zipper. It doesn't matter if you don't. Look what zipper he uses. Second, look at the elastic or non-slip belt. Soft, high elastic, durable, these are the three hard indicators, can withstand some high standards of the brand, but few.


Cycling is an environmentally friendly sport. The ink used must be environmentally friendly. Now the domestic cycling clothing market, it is too chaotic. He always said that he had used Italian ink. Italian ink is very expensive, with so expensive ink to make clothes to sell for hundreds of dollars, whether you believe it or not, anyway, I don't believe it. We can take a price step to do a preliminary screening. I don't think good goods must be expensive, but sometimes cheap is only to make do, depending on your own economic situation. Then, let's do something objective. We compare the colors. Not afraid not to know the goods, the most afraid of goods than goods. Don't compare bright colors, because you can't compare bright colors To the. Compare black and gray to see who is in the right color.

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