3 steps to choose the right cycling jerseys

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 3 steps to choose the right cycling jerseys

In recent years, the super popular cycling pants because of the use of tight fabric, show thin cover meat, with long clothes, sexy and fashionable fan, popular fashion circle! If you are both a trendsetter and a small athlete, then a cycling jerseys is also essential. But always people struggle with how to choose a cycling jerseys today I will teach you 3 steps to choose the right cycling jerseys!

The first is fabric

If it is a cycling underwear, because it is worn close to the body, so the comfort of the fabric requirements are very high. In the cold winter, usually choose warm, breathable, good thermal insulation polyester fabric.

When the weather is hot, we must choose the light fabric of perspiration, breathable, easy to wash and dry . Polyester is a common material for cycling clothes. It dries quickly, sucks the moisture from the skin. Most sweatshirts also contain a certain percentage of spandex or other elastic fabrics.

Materials containing anti-resistant elements such as odor-resistant silver ions or anti-jun fibers have an added benefit of helping prevent the formation of odors and preventing you from becoming a walking XX.

You can also find cycling rides with a SPF of 50.

The second is the cropping version type

About the version, in fact, like fashion, such as rapha pns santini version is large or inverted triangle, Japanese brands such as Izumi Shimano are more suitable for thin Asians. The cycling jerseys suitable for yourself should be combined with the size of chest circumference, waist circumference and hip circumference, so as to ensure a complete fit. Do not choose a loose cycling jerseys, which will make us encounter great wind resistance in the process of riding.️

The third is the details of the cycling clothes

Details can see the quality and grade of the product. Please note the following points:

do manual work. Sewing is straight, smooth, with no rough thread, which is a symbol of quality. Those professional high-end brand products without wiring, disconnection, and jumping needle.

Pattern counterpoint. The characteristic of cycling clothes is that there are many patterns, which puts forward high requirements for the production. The requirements must be neat, natural, neat. To achieve natural smooth alignment, not only need sewing time, but also need a system of cooperation and source support.

accessories. The key accessory of cycling clothes is the zipper. Have half open and full open. YKK is the world famous zipper, the price is 10 times the price of ordinary zipper. Second, look at the elastic or non-slip belt. Soft, high elastic, durable, these are the three hard indicators, can withstand some high standards of the brand, but few.

colour. Cycling is an environmentally friendly sport, and the ink must be environmentally friendly. Many brands say that they use Italian ink by cycling, and that clothes made with so expensive ink only sell for tens or hundreds of dollars? Next, we compare the colors. Don't compare with bright colors, because bright colors are not comparable. Take black and gray, as long as you know who is higher.

I hope you can choose your favorite cycling clothes for the cycling outing in the coming summer!

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