The Definitive Guide to Athletic Swimsuit Tops

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The Definitive Guide to Athletic Swimsuit Tops

This brief guide will assist you in finding a sporty swimsuit top that meets your specific requirements; if you still need assistance, view our most popular picks.

Why a Top for Athletic Swimwear?

A reliable swimsuit is one of the most essential items you need to participate in your activity successfully when it comes to being active in the water. Nothing is worse than having to continually alter your suit.

Which Abely top style should I purchase?

Although Abely has a large selection of athletic swimsuit tops, it is easier to divide them into two groups: Fixed Back and Tie Back. Tie-back tops have slack straps in the back that you may adjust the tightness of. Simply tighten the straps down tighter to get the added support and security you need from these tops! Fixed-back tops are fantastic for a number of reasons as well. Without any straps to be concerned about, they nevertheless provide the same level of support. You can start playing your sport as soon as you put on a Fixed Back shirt.

Swimwear tops from Abely are available in a great variety of styles, sizes, and tastes. All of our swimsuits are made from premium materials and enhanced with painstakingly reinforced stitching.

Bikini tops with triangles

The traditional beach bikini served as the inspiration for the Abely Triangle bikini tops, which include tie-back straps for the ideal customizable fit. For the best comfort and athletic performance, this style is one of our favorites.

The Abely triangle bikini top is the best option if you want a medium coverage top that leaves you with few tanning lines. These tops are made of fabric that is resistant to chlorine and last a very long time. Additionally, they are fade-resistant, so you won't need to be concerned about your tops' colors fading as you practice outside.

These tops are ideal for a variety of sports, including ocean excursions and surfing. They are excellent for countless settings because of their modest yet entertaining style and the fact that they look fantastic with a variety of bottoms!

Bikini tops with high necks

The high neck Kaylee top by Abely is the best option if you want more covering. It has full coverage, a high neck, strong straps, and tagless comfort. They are fixed-back suits with two-way stretch that are easy to put on and take off.

Our Abely high neck bikini tops are fantastic sports bras, which is one of their best features. You should definitely include these swimwear items to your arsenal of fitness essentials. Perfect for wearing to the yoga studio after a pool session.

Sleeveless tankini tops

Looking for a swimsuit top with additional coverage and adequate support? The most popular Suki bikini top from our surf collection is composed of a buttery ribbed fabric that is lined and unpadded. It has been surf-tested. These gorgeous things may be adjusted, provide medium support, and are ideal for many different hobbies.

While paddle boarding, snorkeling, surfing, or engaging in any other ocean activity, wear the Suki longline tankini top. The Suki makes a darling tanktop that we adore wearing outside.

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