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What Is the Difference Between Swimsuits and Swimwear?

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What Is the Difference Between Swimsuits and Swimwear?

The majority of clothing products have several names.

These variations may result from:

Localized naming practices: For instance, "jumpers" are what we refer to as "sweaters" in my home country, whereas "vests" are what we refer to as "tank tops," and "waistcoats" are what we refer to as "jumpers."

several names for the same thing Examples of other names for underwear include "knickers," "panties," and "undies."

There are several divisions within the category of clothing. For instance, a "boyshort" is a form of underwear, while a "bikini" is a type of swimwear.

These variations might be perplexing when purchasing online. Some companies particularly focus on one or two name patterns while avoiding others. When comparing websites, you could have trouble figuring out why something that is referred to as one thing on one website—for example, swimwear—is referred to as another thing on another website—for example, "swimsuits."

Let's attempt to make things more clear.

A Catch-All Category for Anything You Can Wear Swimming is Swimwear.

Swimwear is any garment you can wear when swimming. All clothing used in water falls within this category. Therefore, each of the following is a kind of swimwear: Swimwear such as Speedos, Burkinis, Rashguards, and bikinis

This category may be shown under "Beachwear" or just "Swim" in the website navigation when you purchase online.


Anything that any gender can wear while swimming, such as one-piece and two-piece swimsuits, bikinis, and bikini sets, as well as men's swimwear, is referred to as beachwear.

One type of swimwear is the swimsuit.

A one-piece swimsuit is typically referred to as a swimsuit. Some individuals abbreviate a one-piece swimsuit as "one-piece". Additionally, you can run into other terminologies (mentioned above in the table) depending on the location.

More specialized swimwear types, including monokinis, burkinis, and rashguards, are also available.

Again, depending on the retailer's website you're on, these things may occasionally be separated off as a sub-category or they may just be tucked in. It typically depends on how much stock they have and the level of demand that particular sorts of designs are seeing from customers.

If you only ever wear swimsuits, you could use the terms "swimsuit" and "swimwear" interchangeably since, in your case, they are the same thing.

An Additional Type of Swimwear Is a Two-Piece

Another type of swimwear is a two-piece, also called a bikini. Tankinis are included as well. Despite the fact that a tankini is also a two-piece, the term "bikini" is frequently used to refer to all types of two-piece clothing.

You may have them offer "bottoms" and "tops" instead of "bikini sets," as several merchants also sell their two-pieces as separates rather than suits.

Why It Becomes Complicated...

Even though there is almost always a "proper" meaning for anything, language becomes far more flexible in conversation and everyday use.

The majority of us have developed many abbreviations to describe various concepts. I've never worn a bikini; therefore, I always refer to swimwear as aswimsuit, and I don't distinguish between the two terms.

Additionally, we may utilize brand names in place of product categories ("Speedo" is an excellent example in this context).

Of course, those geographical variations might also be relevant. People thought I was crazy when I nicknamed my bikini a "bathing costume" when I first arrived in Canada.

The good news is that minor misunderstandings are typically simple to resolve.

Are you unsure about the type of swimwear that would be best for you? Continue reading.

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