Women's Swimsuits: 14 Types

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Women's Swimsuits: 14 Types

Nothing beats looking fantastic in a flattering swimsuit, whether you're preparing for warm summer days spent poolside or organizing a trip someplace by the sea. The world of swimwear is your oyster, with so many different styles of swimsuits to select from. Even better, think about filling your closet with a few different styles that you can switch out according to your mood. We're delving into the most well-liked styles of swimwear, from chic one-pieces to traditional bikinis.

Single-piece swimwear

In recent years, one-piece swimsuits have become more popular, partly because there are so many attractive shapes that can be created with them. These swimsuits are especially well-liked since they accommodate a variety of body types and offer versatility in terms of covering and support.

Tankini Swimsuit

The moniker "tank swimsuit" refers to the broad, tank-top-like straps. Instead of the support and coverage you could find with a spaghetti, halter, or one-shoulder swimsuit, this strap shape frequently offers more support and coverage.

Swimsuits with Asymmetries

Consider an asymmetrical one-piece for an added dose of poolside flair. This swimsuit incorporates asymmetrical elements like a single strap or intriguing cutouts, as the name suggests.


Although a monokini is a one-piece swimsuit, its clever belly cuts give it the appearance of a two-piece. It often provides a little bit more coverage than a two-piece bathing suit while still exposing some flesh.

Swimsuits without straps

Another choice is to forgo the straps entirely in favor of a one-piece without straps. Typically, this design uses a tight elastic band to hold your suit in place. This style of bikini is perfect for days when you don't anticipate doing any physical activity.

Rashguard bathing suits

For water sports, a rashguard swimsuit is an excellent option. In order to protect you from the sun and avoid chafing from surfboards, paddleboards, and kayaks, this design offers long sleeves and a high neckline.

Singles in Halter

A halter bikini has straps that wrap around your neck as opposed to across your shoulders. In addition to feeling equally fashionable and chic, this style provides greater support at the top.

One-Piece Skirt

A skirted one-piece swimsuit is the best option if you want a little additional coverage. This modest swimwear design has an extension that resembles a skirt and covers more of your upper thighs and behind.

Swimsuits in two pieces

Bikinis are a classic swimsuit shape adored for their comfortable, easy-to-wear fit and figure-flattering form. The fact that you can mix and match the top and bottom is also a plus, and they have the added benefit of reducing tan lines.

Suits with strings

If maximum skin exposure is your goal, think about wearing a string bikini. The components of this swimsuit are kept and pulled together with a thread, and it offers coverage over the bottom and breasts. Because the top sections of string bikinis sometimes resemble triangles, they are also referred to as triangle-top bikinis.

Bandeau Swimsuits

The term "bandeau bikini" describes a type of bikini top with no straps that wraps around the chest. Bandeau swimsuits come in a range of designs, such as those with front knots or twists, ruching, and metal accents.

Bikinis with High Waists

Unquestionably endearing is the classic look of a high-waisted bikini bottom. Although it can reach your upper chest, this swimsuit usually covers your belly button.

Longline Swimwear

A longline bikini offers more coverage above the top, while a high-waist bikini offers more coverage below. The top covers more of the upper stomach and reaches more below the breast than a typical bikini top, similar to longline bras.

Halter Bikinis

Straps on a halter bikini top tie or loop over your neck as opposed to crossing your shoulders. The design also has a stylish edge to it, which makes it a pleasant addition to your swimsuit rotation. This tends to offer the breasts a little bit more support and lift.

Suspender Bikinis

Another swimsuit choice for those who desire additional breast support and coverage is an underwire bikini top. Although it is often bra-shaped and offered in bra sizes, it is built of materials that are water-resistant.

Tankini Bikinis

Despite having the impression of being one piece, a tankini is actually two pieces since it has a separate top and bottom. The bottoms are traditional bikini-style briefs, while the top is virtually a tank top.

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