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What Colors Look Good On Me? How To Choose Flattering Swimsuit Colors

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What Colors Look Good On Me? How To Choose Flattering Swimsuit Colors

Have you ever considered which hues go best with you? What hues look best against cool, warm, or dark complexion tones? And how do you determine your skin tone? Jules Standish, a professional color consultant also known as "The Color Counselor," has joined our team. Jules maintains her own consulting business as well as speaking engagements, organizing events, and providing color style.She is also the best-selling author of "How NOT to Wear Black" and, more recently, "The Essential Guide to Mindful Dressing". In this article, Jules demonstrates how to determine your skin tone, how to choose the best swimwear colors for you, and how wearing swimwear that complements your skin tone can really improve your holiday mood.

What Color Is My Skin?

1.Cool Summer Skintones:

Have an undertone of blue or pink.

The complexion will be pale and essentially colorless.

Avoid getting a deep tan.

Appear best in pastel tones.

2.Winter Cool Skintones:

Available in both light and dark skin tones.

Have a face that is not highly colored.

may have a peculiar or distinctive appearance.

You'll look stunning in black.

3.Warm Spring Skintones:

May have a skin tone that is underlyingly yellow or gold.

A propensity to blush or have flushed cheeks

Could have really light skin

Possibly dark with easily tanned skin

4.Autumn Warm Skintones:

Avoid pink cheeks at all costs.

Having skin that has gold undertones and possibly a bronze hue

Avoid wearing black close to your face.

5.Dark skin tone:

Are they Latin, Asian, West Indian, or African tones?

Perhaps you will be able to wear colors in deeper tones.

You may learn more about Jules and contact her here if you want a customized, in-depth color consultation.

What Hues Go Well With My Skin Tone?

Now that you know how to determine your skin tone, it's time to discover what colors look best on you. The article will help us understand how these colors might affect our moods and which colors will look the best for your specific skin tone by taking a deeper look at each of 2019's most popular swimwear colors.

Swimming Costumes In Olive:

"Green is a great color for discovering new paths while on vacation since it symbolizes harmony and balance, growth, and rejuvenation.  As it is rich and earthy and autumn skin tends to tan into a dark gold, this dark olive hue of green belongs to the warm golden skinned palette. The cooler tones can pair it with white or a pale pink, which would look fantastic, while the spring tones can pair it with colorful kaftans or cover-ups.

Red Swimwear:

All skin tones can wear this hot red color, while pale Summers might prefer pink. Red is a terrific color to wear to get noticed on the beach and get swimming or playing volleyball since it releases adrenaline and gets us moving. Red is a fantastic color to wear on vacation with a spouse or family because it is also the color of love and romance. Due to its intensity, this color is best combined with black or white to make the red shade pop, or with blues or greens if you need more color. A woman modeling a red bikini It's wonderful to know that this Seafolly Chilli Red Bikini would look amazing on most skin tones, since we do!

Swimwear In The Tint Of Indigo:

Winter cool skins particularly suit this shade; team with fuchsia pink, electric blue, dazzling white, and frosty yellow.  Blue symbolizes peace and tranquility, so choose blue if you want to have a relaxing vacation. This color promotes a great deal of relaxation because it causes the production of the hormone oxytocin, which calms the nervous system. Warmer skin tones can be complemented by spring's vibrant yellow and orange hues and autumn's gold, teal, and deep orange and red hues.

Pink Swimming Suits:

"Fun-loving, colorful, and energetic pink! Pink can be paired with white, black, and navy for seasons that also look hot in it. Autumn colors pair well with beige straw hats, metallic golds, and teals, while anything else bright is fantastic for spring. Combining this pink with turquoise is stunning on people of all complexion tones. Pink is a beautiful color for a romantic getaway since it symbolizes compassion and love.

Swimming Costumes In Black:

"Winter is back.  The only skin tone that truly rocks black is this one, since it is so unbelievably cool. All women, however, adore wearing black on the beach since they feel it is slimming. Since this color is away from the face, it looks good on all skin tones, but the winter woman with really pale or extremely dark skin really stands out. The others can wear it and simply add additional color with a hat, cover-up, or shoes! The thing about black is that it serves as a backdrop for all other colors because it isn't truly one on its own and highlights everything combined with it. Bright yellow, green, turquoise, red, and orange come to mind. Black is sophisticated and elegant and easy to match with holiday attire, thus a winner for many reasons!"

Swimming Costumes In White:

Everyone likes dressing in white in the sun since it reflects all other colors and looks great in beachwear. White is typically associated with cheerfulness and positivity, which are fantastic ways to spend your vacation or any time in the sun. White is a revitalizing color choice that enables us to put all of our problems behind us and enjoy space and clarity. Of course, every color goes with white, which contributes to its prominent position in any girl's vacation attire! it is so flexible.

Swimming Costumes In Aqua:

All skin tones can be accommodated by Aqua. It is young, playful, and fun-loving, as well as relaxing and restful. It is a combination of blues and greens. A fantastic color choice that blends well with pinks, yellows, and darker colors of blue is one that combines the cold aspects of blue with the harmony of green. Aqua goes well with metallics in either silver or gold.

Swimming Costumes In Orange:

"Social, upbeat, and joyful orange!  In warm, brilliant orange, travel boldly and with confidence. This color inspires wonderful adventures and is energizing and lively. Ideally paired with all blues for color harmony and to balance the warmth of orange, which is perfect for warm complexion tones, It is best to pair this with neutrals like black, grey, navy, or white for people with cooler skin tones. For the "color clashers" out there, pair it with hot pink if you are feeling very daring.

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