Black and white cycling jerseys

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Black and white cycling jerseys

What are the colors of cycling suits? When choosing a cycling suit! How do we choose the color of the cycling clothes? And what should we pay attention to when choosing the color of cycling clothes?

First of all, we need to know what good the color of the cycling clothes does for us! So that we can know how to choose the color of the cycling clothes! Generally speaking, the main purpose of our wearing riding clothes is to protect our safety, and how can a dress ensure the safety of our riding? Nowadays, there are many people in cars, and outdoor cycling, which was an easy project, has become dangerous. This time, we have to choose cycling clothes to protect us! The cycling clothes we choose must be bright in color and conspicuous, and many people may not like this high-profile state! But I make it clear that one can be introduced whenever and wherever. When people turn around 100 percent of their heads, your safety is absolutely 100 percent!

And when we ride outdoors, the special thing to pay attention to is the car driver! You have to remember that you are just riding a bike; a lot of times the driver cannot see you. This time we have to find a way in the color of the cycling clothes! If your cycling suit color is gorgeous, give the driver and the crowd a good tip! The most important thing is that when cycling at night, it is more dangerous for outdoor cycling, so you will wear more cycling clothes. You not only have to work on the color of the cycling clothes but also have to sew reflective strips on them! No matter how for their own safety riding, or have to choose together a suitable color for your own cycling clothes!

The color of cycling clothes: talk about the common black and white two-color series!

Choose the meaning of the black color! 

Black is a favorite color for many mature and stable people. This color can be very suitable for cycling in the winter. The other three seasons are not recommended! The reason is that the winter is cold, the sun appears less, and black can be very good to keep warm! And when everything fades in winter, black is also a very conspicuous color! Black meaning: Black represents the mystery and the power of darkness! This color can absorb all the light without any reflection! Black is a color with significance in many national cultures. Black and white will never go out of style. A collocation technique! And has always been at the forefront of the world's maintenance of fashion collocation! People dressed in black cycling clothes will feel mysterious, and you will find that people usually dressed in black are stronger than those in other colors!

Choose the meaning of the white color of the cycling clothes! 

I personally think that white is the favorite color of many neat people, but it also appears very fair, pure, dignified, full of integrity, and so on! White cycling clothes are generally most suitable in the summer because of the summer sun exposure, while white is colorless. White lightness is the highest and can directly reflect the sunlight, so you will not feel the heat! White often makes a lot of people associate it with ice and snow, white clouds and cotton, etc., which will give others a kid of bright, plain, pure, light, quiet, neat, elegant, cool, health, and so on! In ancient times, white symbolized it. The lofty of the literati!

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