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Details determine success or failure, as well as when we choose cycling clothes.

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Details determine success or failure, as well as when we choose cycling clothes.

Human scientific advances applied to cycling equipment always bring great surprises.

Now let's take a look at the top 10 cool designs for modern cycling gear, and maybe you can use them as a must-see detail for your next purchase, which may help you find the right suit faster.

1.Low-key, identifiable details

Adding reflective designs to high-intensity cycling suits has proved extremely challenging. Experience shows that the reflective material is relatively rigid, poor air permeability, not enough suction eyeball. However, some cycling clothing manufacturers inject reflective materials into elastic, breathable, printable textiles. So when you don't need it, it looks like disappearing, and it doesn't affect your use. The arms and legs of the Wegmi suit look normal, but they are highly recognizable in light.

2.Consider the air factors

Textured fabrics help reduce air drag and are often used in areas that directly combat air resistance. During the race, the fabric is considered in the arms, legs and shoulders.

3.Zipper chain for small details

It's not easy to zip it up with one hand. It's not always safe to take your hands off, so some cycling suits produce a crescent bite at the collar, where you can hold your teeth to keep the zipper stable and then operate with one hand.

4.Supportable rear pocket

Typical cycling suits use lightweight fabric for comfort, but inevitably, they stretch when back pockets are stuffed with food, unused clothing, cell phone or inner tire. In the same case, there are solutions. Some products will have rib-like braces, while others can refer to the vigormeet design, using a mesh design to provide horizontal support.

5.A flat and seamless back strap

The most comfortable and the best efficiency harness does not seem to exist, because they are breathable, they use special materials and technology, do not need to splicing, rolling, the chance of wear is greatly reduced. This design can greatly reduce damage to sensitive parts of the body (such as nipples), fix the shoulder strap, and allow the fabric to fit the skin smoothly.

6.Cuff design

The cuffs of most cycling suits roll the fabric and sew it, but advanced materials and technology can make the cuffs flatter.vigormeet A laser was used to cut the cuff and heat treat the incision. It improves comfort and has flat cuffs to fit the skin.

7.Hem design

Day accidents, go out to ride a bike will inevitably rain, even if all wet, I think you still hope some parts don't wet so fast —— cycling pants if soon into the water that is really cold dead. That's why some winter cycling jackets are designed to be slightly longer. Even if you are destined to get wet, you can get wet later. The more shrewd design is, of course, sunny days can put the tail away, of course, has been realized in part of the clothing.

8.Silicone anti-slip strip

Say goodbye to the hot, tight slip slip. Now the anti-slip has been designed into a point or pinstriped silicone strip, to ensure that the fabric fits the legs without too much muscle pressure, greatly improving comfort.

9.Waterproof pocket

A mobile phone may be the most expensive thing to carry with you during cycling. Normal global people don't want it to get wet. Like my favorite vigmi cycling suit on the waterproof pocket should save it, except to listen to the phone or take photos.

10.Organ pleats

A good cycling suit should fit well, neither too loose nor too tight. For example, the vigormeet has implanted the design of organ folds, which also uses Italian waterproof / breathable fabric, and the natural price is also very worrying.

The design of modern bicycle cycling clothes has improved a lot with the development, just like picking a daughter-in-law. If the above design is met, or there are more careful design, that is good cycling clothes (not wrong), then you can not hesitate, you can directly take home, dare not start? That must be a messy wallet.

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