Swimwear cleaning method, give your swimsuit the most professional maintenance!

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Swimwear cleaning method, give your swimsuit the most professional maintenance!

The weather is getting hotter, and women who advocate a healthy lifestyle may have decided to walk in a sexy swimsuit. Well, the swimsuit is good-looking, but I have never thought about how it should be cleaned and maintained. Let's take a look at the swimsuit washing method.

Swimsuit cleaning method

When you want to wash a swimsuit, you have to soak it in water below 20 degrees first, add a few neutral cleaning agents next, and after 10 minutes, wash gently, wash again with clean water, slightly wring dry, and dry in a cool place. Do not use hot water, washing agents, bleaching agents, the washing machine, stir, or sunlight irradiation.

After swimming, you should use clean water below 30 degrees Celsius as soon as possible to keep it fresh and clean. Do not chlorine float, do not iron, do not turn cages dry, hang to dry. After washing, put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry; avoid direct exposure to ensure the elasticity and toughness of the material. To keep the swimsuit bright and soft, you can add a few drops of gold spinning (flexor) in the clear water to soak the swimsuit for 10 minutes and then directly take it out to dry.

After the use of swimsuits, it is best to rinse with water; do not use the washing machine. Make sure that the chlorine in the swimsuit is completely removed. You can smell the smell of bleach or detergent. If you feel a little bit uncomfortable, you can soak the swimsuit in a little water. After washing, dry the swimsuit as thoroughly as possible.

Swimsuit cleaning precautions

Do not wring out hard or vigorously rub the swimsuit so as not to destroy the appearance.

Do not chlorine float, do not iron, do not turn the cage to dry, hang to dry.

Do not expose it to the sun after cleaning. Dry naturally in the shade.

Swimsuit maintenance precautions

A swimsuit is afraid of heat, chemicals, sunscreen oil, and cosmetics; sand, rocks, and other surface rough things; and damp or long-term stuffiness in plastic bags. Wash the hot spring and three warm clothes. Also, try not to wear swimsuits so as not to produce deformation because of the heat.

Wet the swimsuit thoroughly with clean water before launching to reduce the corrosion of seawater or pool water.

Before changing the swimsuit, first wash it with a lot of clean water to wash off chlorine or seawater salt, then replace it after carefully rinsing again. Do not use hot water, washing powder, bleaching powder, or cold detergent chemicals. Also, do not use the washing machine. You can use neutral detergent after 10 minutes after a gentle scrub, or just clean water and wash a few times more.

Just play through the swimsuit, which should not be placed in an unventilated place for a long time (such as plastic bags or behind the car) and should be washed with clean water as soon as possible and air dried.

Do not vigorously twist dry; you had better use a big towel to absorb moisture and put it in a cool and dry place. Avoid long sun exposure and do not use a dryer or hair dryer, which will damage the material and cause deformation.

Do not store it with moballs or camphor balls.

Chlorine, sunscreen oil, and cosmetics will damage the swimsuit cloth and cause discoloration; it should be completely clean.

Women with more pairs of cups, if not careful, it is easy to cause the deformation of the swimsuit and affect the appearance of the swimsuit. They can put the swimsuit flat to receive the best.

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