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Swimwear shopping guide

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Swimwear shopping guide

Quality choose and buy

When buying a swimsuit, you can touch it, or refer to the composition table of the material to see how the material is. Good swimsuit fabric is soft and elastic, the grain of the fabric is relatively dense, the cutting is delicate, the sewing with elastic line, will not be broken because of the movement. When trying on, with the principle of fit, comfortable, too big and easy to carry water, increase the burden of the body and the resistance when swimming, too small is easy to cause strangmarks to the limb, causing poor blood flow.

1.Fabric and structure.

It is best to choose the elastic fabric with spandex content above 15%, so that the swimsuit can stretch freely with the body movement. Swimming in the swimming pool, we should pay attention to the adaptability of the fabric to the chlorine molecular content of the water in the swimming pool. The most popular three-dimensional elastic fabric in the world is most suitable for low temperature water or swimming. Because this kind of fabric is more hollow, it is easy to maintain the body temperature. Try to buy or not buy imitation of the so-called "imported spandex high elastic fabrics". First, the content of spandex in clothing fabrics is generally about 15% -20%. Second, the resilience of imitation fabrics after the water is very poor due to the composition variation.

2. Workmanship and safety.

Because swimsuit belongs to sport practical type clothing, stretching force is stronger, had better not choose the style with more splicing. When the exercise is large, it is easy to open the line from the splicing place. In the sewing joint, three stitches and five stitches is the basic, three needles and six stitches are the most firm. The elasticity of the line shall coincide with the tensile degree of the fabric. Beach installation series is best to choose a pleated line, so both beautiful, elastic stretch is also stronger.

3. In terms of hygiene.

The surface layer of silk covered cotton swimsuit has the advantages of smooth and bright chemical fiber fabric, and the inner layer is woven with pure cotton, which has no irritation to the skin, especially suitable for people with skin allergy. Swimwear crotch should have a lining, lined swimsuit life is longer. Wash and then use.

4, safety.

To the natural river, beach and deep water swimming, to choose the color contrast with the water swimsuit, encounter danger, the target is more obvious, easy to first aid.

5. Body shape and skin color.

Too large chest, suitable for wide shoulder with V collar swimsuit; small chest, try to avoid pless swimsuit; flat chest is suitable for decorative chest pleated swimsuit; large hip may choose ultra short swimsuit; large waist circumference, lack of moving curve, assembled swimsuit can make up for defects, wear the effect is good; short legs, to choose the leg cut, lower style; long and thin legs lack of symmetry, flat pants swimsuit is the first choice.

Body purchase

Thin type woman, want to emphasize the line of the body with bright color, avoid by all means wear brunet swimsuit, had better wear the swimsuit that has pattern pattern over the whole body, the line of sight of the person is attracted by those patterns place, won't easily notice flat figure, still should avoid the swimsuit that chooses without shoulder on style.

Obese women, will not look slim because of the tight swimsuit, on the contrary, too tight will show the shortcomings of the body. Young and fat woman can choose the colour bright swimsuit of vertical stripe, in order to show bodybuilding and youthful vigor, avoid by all means on the style, choose "show back outfit" swimsuit is more appropriate.

The swimsuit of primary and middle school girls should be coloured and dazzling, show the girl's bodybuilding and lively. The chest is smaller, appropriate wear the swimsuit that has horizontal line pattern or have fold, the person with thicker legs chooses leg edge the swimsuit that has black frame pattern, can make both legs produce slender feeling.

The person with larger chest can choose to have twill pattern or have large print pattern swimsuit, all can move people's attention from the upper chest, in order to achieve the effect of disguise. Because the abdomen is pear shaped, can choose three color swimsuit, the color of the waist cross collocation, the waist is brunet can cover the raised abdomen.

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