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The material of swimsuits and their advantages and disadvantages

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The material of swimsuits and their advantages and disadvantages

The most widely used materials in the swimsuit the category are DuPont card, nylon, and polyester; any hollow, jacquard, and other specialty materials cannot be separated from these three types of elastic materials.


Leica is a fabric made of spandex fiber, a kind of man-made fiber fabric. The advantage of this fabric is its excellent rebound recovery and ductility, so it is especially suitable for making swimsuits, the rebound effect is very good, and Lycra is also widely used in the field of sports. Using it to make clothes can effectively improve their comfort, tightness and service life.

Swimwear made of leka material is typically more durable and difficult to deform over time. Swimwear made of lycra, however, tends to cost more. If your chest needs to be shaped in a specific way, a leotard swimsuit may be the best option for you. Lecra fabric can reduce chest sagging and expansion while additionally bringing the chest together to give it the ideal form.

2.Jinlun fabric

Nylon is actually a common nylon fabric in daily life, which belongs to a kind of polyester fiber. The wear resistance of nylon is also good. Compared with polyester, it is more comfortable to wear, but its elasticity and ductility are not as good as lekka. The swimsuit made of nylon is easy to deform under the action of external forces.

Nylon-based swimsuit fabric usually has excellent wear resistance, and moisture absorption is also good. For comfortable but not easy-to-sultry, usually easy-to-sweat clothing, girls can choose nylon fabric. Its fast-drying characteristics can also ensure that the skin is dry and not sticky. In the swimsuit industry, fabric is more cost-effective.

3.Polyester fabric

Polyester is a chemical fiber fabric that is more frequently utilized in daily life. It has the advantage of having good anti-wrinkle properties, and the fabric is tough and resilient, making random stretching more difficult to deform. Swimsuit materials made of polyester often offer good flexibility and wear resistance. However, polyester has weak hygroscopic properties, making it easy for prolonged wear to give off an opulent feeling.

In addition, the polyester material is not good for air permeability, and the wearing elasticity is small, so the price is relatively low. Suitable for students with a low budget or just people dressed in pictures.

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