The sytle of swimwear

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The sytle of swimwear

The arrival of midsummer draws the beach travel plan closer and closer, and travelers seize the opportunity to choose a suitable set according to their own figure.

The swimsuit is the real business.

The cut of the small dress is more three-dimensional, the winged shoulder straps relate to the shoulders, and the waist fold design decorates the waist line.

Belly and steel support more together, creating the perfect chest.

Small chest MM should choose a swimsuit with heavy and complicated prints; stripes, case grain, and broken flowers can confuse everybody's vision. in addition

Pleats, flounces, bows, and small bow decorations are very important; they will make your chest position look bigger. Single shoulder or neck

And turn your eyes to your neck and shoulders.

The first type, a girl with a large chest circumference

A swimsuit with a steel ring that can be fixed good chest, must also choose adjustable

The wide shoulder strap allows you to adjust to the most comfortable position while providing stronger support. For the upper body slightly

Fat girls should choose a pleated style or light color to draw everyone's eyes away from the chest.

Second, for the thick-waisted girl

 If you are an "apple figure" girl, the big color block of the patchwork color swimsuit is the first choice,

A dark ribbon in the middle of the swimsuit immediately turns the apple body into an hourglass figure, along with a belt design.

A bathing suit can achieve the same effect.

Classic stripe color design, temperamental slim waist showing thinness, perfect cup design, and foil the beautiful chest style

The third kind, the female girl of short stature

Also uses spell color to break the proportion of plain color in the end, wide and thin stripes, and a few other

The color patchwork of any grain color block can achieve excellent effects. If you don't think your legs are long enough, choose a swimsuit with a high waistline or a print to cut off, which will lengthen your legs.

The splicing of color block and the design of the high waist line elongate the proportion of the legs and shape a slender body.

Colorful color temptation produces a strong aesthetic effect, and the neck design shows sexy beauty on the back, eyes, and cheeks.

Fresh blue and white stripes, full of thick ocean wind, just the right decoration line, perfect show youth temperament

Classic navy style, the taste of complicated art is confused among them, and the cut of small dress types shapes the golden proportions of the figure.

Uniquely pure and fresh style, the chest flounce edge is sweet and lovely and sends out vitality, one shoulder color gradually changes spell color design, and there is more line skin color.

This summer, how can you not go to the beach to please bloom the exclusive woman's summer charm according to their own figure? Choose the right good swimming

Start a quick trip. But don't forget to actively do a good job of applying sunscreen, oh!

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