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Why Many People Own A Lot of Swimsuits?

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Why Many People Own A Lot of Swimsuits?

How many swimsuits should I own? Well, as a swimsuits manufacturer, in my opinion, I don't think there is a specific amount you can own, but generally speaking, you should own at least 3 swimsuits.

Over the years, I have come to realize that the amount of anything you own is directly related to how much you like to buy that thing. Swimwear is a personal thing, but if you really want to make things really easy, it's not a bad idea to have at least one pair of bikinis, one-piece swimsuits, tankinis, etc. Let's look at a few reasons why people own multiple swimsuits.

1. Love of swimwear

Our love for anything can make us want to go the extra mile to get that thing. The same is true for swimsuit lovers. I once met a woman who was obsessed with bikinis, even though she had plenty of them.

I asked her when she liked to buy more and she told me it was because they looked cute and she felt comfortable in them. That's what love for anything can do.

2. Vacation

For some people, no vacation is complete without a trip to the beach to have some fun. When they are at the beach, they may not want to repeat a swimsuit, so they may buy more. For example, if they plan to spend a week, then they will likely need 2-5 swimsuits.

For some people, the number of days they spend determines how many swimsuits they will wear. I once had a friend who bought 10 swimsuits for a 2-week vacation cruise.

3. Unique properties

Just like underwear, some people are sensitive to using a swimsuit twice due to the accumulation of chlorine and salt, therefore, they tend to buy more swimsuits at every given opportunity. This is important for children, so prepare more kids swimsuits.

4. Style

Every season, brands produce different styles of swimwear, from high neck tops to one shoulder tops to high waisted pants and more. So to keep up with the trends, even if they are all bikinis, many people may decide to buy more of these as long as they are in different styles.

5. Colors

This is another reason why many people have different colored swimsuits in their drawers. It's cool to wear black, but right now you definitely don't want to wear black, so you might want to buy several colors to match your skin tone. I've heard people say that their mood dictates what they wear, and that applies to swimwear as well.

To sum up

How many swimsuits should I bring on vacation? If you ask me, I would say there is no magic answer to how many swimsuits you need for a week's vacation, but 2-3 swimsuits will do. But if you are the type that chooses a lot, then 4-5 should be enough for you for a week.

If you are planning to travel light for a 7 day vacation, then you should only choose what you need the most. Since the idea is to travel light, you don't need much, which means bringing a few swimsuits, cover-ups and a pair of flip-flops.

In life, your love for something determines how much you might buy. So if you're always interested in the idea of going on a beach vacation, you may find yourself buying more swimsuits than usual, but that's perfectly fine.

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