A swimsuit most suitable for petite ladies

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A swimsuit most suitable for petite ladies

Summertime is here, so it's time to get yourself suited up for the beach. While finding a swimsuit can feel like a challenge, we're always here to provide you with insider tips and tricks for your best look. This year, you can find shopping for women's swimsuits as pleasant as a warm summer breeze.

If you have a short torso, you're in luck because we are on top of it—finding you your new favorite swimsuit. Read on to find the best way to suit up when you have a short torso.

There are many ways to create a visual illusion of the length of the torso and legs with certain styles. The color and pattern you pick can make a big difference as well. Our advice for bottoms includes specific bottom cuts, like high- and low-cut looks, while top advice includes avoiding high necks and going for strapless, triangle tops, and V-necks. As far as colors go, opt for dark, solid colors and vertical stripes while avoiding flashy patterns, which may make your torso look shorter.

One-Pieces are Your Best Friend

The goals of your swimwear will be to complement your best attributes while providing a visual lengthening of the torso and legs. One-pieces are good at this because of the length of the material. It creates the illusion that your torso is longer than it is, which will provide balance and give your body a more proportionate look.

Not only are one-pieces helpful for lengthening the torso, but they also provide a level of security when surfing or swimming in rough waves where there might be a risk for your suit to slide off. One-pieces are flattering, secure, and comfortable.

Petite Swimsuits

Our next recommendation is to try out petite swimsuits specially designed for women with smaller frames. These suits are designed to fit women of heights under 5'4" who need shorter swimwear. As swimwear doesn't go the full length of the body, even if you're above this height, petite swimwear may provide an accurate fit for your short torso. Petite sizes are handy, particularly with a one-piece swimsuit, which, if you have a smaller torso, might be too long for you in a regular size.

High-Cut Bottoms

This cute look provides the comfort of lying above the hips and provides a slenderizing effect to the midsection. The form and shape create a U or V shape, making your stomach look longer. High-cut bottoms, lower in the middle and higher on the sides, are flattering on many different body types because they make the torso look longer and create dimension.

Low-cut bottoms are a good way to lengthen the torso if you want an alternative. As low-cut looks rest at the hip bone, this look adds distance between your top and bottom.

Strapless tops, V-necks, and triangle tops

Along the same lines as the one-piece visual illusion, a strapless top is a great way to elongate the torso while having the added benefit of preventing tan lines along your chest. This look accentuates the collarbone and shoulders to show them off, while the exposed skin elongates your chest. Contrary to what you might think, a high-neck tankini top may make your torso look shorter.

If you have a larger bust, a V-neck halter top is a great alternative to the strapless look. Likewise, D-cup swimwear provides added support for the chest.

Triangle bikinis are also a great way to go because they draw attention to the chest and away from the shorter midsection. Triangle bikinis are typically highly adjustable, so you can find the perfect fit.

Black Swimsuits

As an absolute winner, a black swimsuit is a great way to go, as it is both slimming and makes you look longer. While patterns may provide the opposite effect, neutral colors like black will provide the effect you seek. Vertical stripes are another great way to go since they provide the illusion of vertical length. While a subtle, delicate pattern like a floral one will likely be just fine, wild patterns can provide the opposite effect you are going for.


We all need a cover-up or plus-size cover-up for the beach for when we've either had enough sun or need to pop into the ice cream shop. Pick one with a flattering neckline that will draw attention up and away from your midsection.

Rash guards are a great way to provide sun protection while looking cute and trendy. They come in various cuts and colors, so you can choose what feels best.

Looking and feeling your best at the beach in your new suit will lead to much fun this summer. We recommend selecting the most comfortable options because feeling good is the most important part of picking out a new suit. Whether lying by the pool, rolling in the waves, or practicing your dives from the lake dock, pick the best suit for your needs without compromising comfort or style.

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