How to Take Care of Precious Swimwear?

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How to Take Care of Precious Swimwear?

Once you find your perfect swimsuit, you have to ensure it lasts. While throwing everything in the washer on cold is a tempting, quick option, let us be the first to tell you that is not the solution here. Make sure you get the most out of your favorite swimsuits by taking care of them through proper wear, washing, and storage. Already made some mistakes?

Not only does taking care of your swimwear keep it looking in top shape, but it also extends the overall life of the garment.

Best Practices

Store all swimwear out of direct sunlight at room temperature to protect the fabric from any sun damage or exposure over time.

Rinse swimsuits before and after wearing them. Rinsing beforehand will prime the suit and minimize the amount of chlorine that gets into the fabric.

Meanwhile, rinsing afterwards in cold water with gentle soap while the suit is still wet will be more effective at getting rid of chlorine without unnecessary scrubbing or harsh detergents.

Dedicate one swimsuit for hot tubs. While one trip to the jacuzzi won't wreck your suit completely, over time, the increased heat and cleaning chemicals typically cause significant wear and tear.

Common Mistakes

Don't use the washing machine or dryer in any capacity. We know it’s easy, but trust us, it's not worth ruining your favorite bikini! Gently wash by hand in cold water, minimize any rough scrubbing, and lay flat to dry.

Never wring out or scrunch up swimwear to get rid of excess water. Swim fabrics are very delicate, and this can not only damage the fabric but also have an impact on the suit's shape and structure. Instead, try laying suits flat to air dry.

Don't put your used swimsuit in a plastic bag, ever. Even if your suit has been drying for several days, storing swimsuits in a plastic bag can lead to mildew and bacterial growth if there is any remaining moisture. Play it safe and keep things stored in a drawer or closet instead.

Okay, so maybe you've already made some mistakes; who hasn't? Have no fear; there is still hope! One of the most common challenges we see is customers who have ignored the wash instructions and thrown their delicate bikinis in the washing machine, only for them to be ruined. While not everything can be fixed, stay tuned for our tutorial to revive the macramé on our classic Isla Tri Top. (coming soon!)

In conclusion, if there's one takeaway you get from all this, take good care of those kinis! Properly wearing, washing, and storing swimsuits goes beyond preserving the items in your own closet; it's about reducing unnecessary waste for the good of our planet.

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