The reason to wear a tankini

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The reason to wear a tankini

You'll be happy to know that there are tankinis available for you to enjoy if you haven't heard of them yet. They are fantastic, flexible swimwear. You made a wise decision if you're already familiar with the tankini, and you'll be thrilled to relate to the truth about them that you already know and adore so well.


Until designer Anne Cole did it in 1997, the tankini as we know it today had not been formally presented. Why did it take so long to come up with an idea that was so sensible, useful, and fashionable? In the late 1990s, Cole managed to put the puzzle pieces together, much to the benefit of women worldwide.

Tankinis have seen numerous modifications and designs since then. Many people make this decision and are better off for it, whether they choose flowery and floral patterns, cheerful and strappy ones, or plain, streamlined ones. Whether your swimwear is a tankini or not, tankini enthusiasts know what they want and what they enjoy, so you should do the same.

Why Do You Wear a Tankini?

Here are a few justifications for donning a tankini. You'll have to find out the rest for yourself.

Two Worlds at Their Finest

Some of the best qualities of one- and two-piece bathing suits are offered by tankinis. They truly are the ideal middle ground among all swimsuits. See how tankinis combine elements from both sides to create their distinctive appeal by reading the rest of this list.

Very Cute

Yes, they are very adorable. Tankinis are a well-thought-out and carefree swimwear option that you may wear with confidence at the beach, pool, or water park. and attractive? Yes, mark that box as well. You can choose a design that leaves as little or as much to the imagination as you like—either way, it won't fail!

Blend and match

It's enjoyable to mix and match your top and bottoms. One-piece suits negate a major selling point of wearing a bikini. Tankinis let you mix and match your top and bottom while maintaining the desired level of coverage. Although coordinated pairings are always a good idea, there are instances when you need to think outside the box and try a different arrangement.

Functions as a Top

Although it was just briefly discussed earlier, this is nevertheless important to note. Two for one is usually welcome news. Tankinis make for some very adorable fitting tops. Tell me you wouldn't wear a tankini top like this white one with a snap-front with jeans after taking a look at it. How about beneath a jacket?

Quick Bathroom Visits

The two-piece suit clearly has the advantage of being more convenient to use the restroom. Being drenched in water makes it extremely difficult to get out of a one-piece to urinate.

While providing the same coverage that you like about a one-piece suit, tankinis make restroom trips short and simple.

Sun & Rash Defense

You are more protected from the sun if you cover more of your body. You can choose a tankini that completely covers your back and torso in place of reaching your sunscreen hand to the middle of your back. When applying sunscreen by oneself, there always appears to be an area where you don't apply enough, no matter how hard you try.

Another reason to like the tankini is its blatant protection. A swimsuit with extra coverage could make all the difference if you intend to go surfing or boogie boarding in the ocean.

In a similar vein, rash guard tops provide a good amount of sun protection. For sun and rash protection and the peace of mind that comes with it, they can be worn over a two-piece or on their own as a top.

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