What to do and what not to do about swimsuits?

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What to do and what not to do about swimsuits?

It all comes down to how you care for your swimsuit! And it's quite simple. If you follow these DO's and DON'Ts, your abely's will remain as fresh as the day you got them for years to come.You can get the most out of your swimwear and wear it for a lifetime.


Check, how to take care of your abely swimsuit drain in cold water

Rinsing your swimwear in cold water after training, a trip to the beach, or whatever else you're doing in your abely's is the best way to clean it. There is no need for soap!

Check mark, how to care for your abely swimwear hang dry

After you've cleaned your swimsuits, hang them to dry and they'll be ready to go in no time! Just keep them out of direct sunshine, since too much sun can cause the straps to expire. Also, don't keep your swimsuit in a wet wrinkled up ball in your suitcase after training because mould isn't a pleasant look or smell.

Check, how to take care of your abely swimsuit do not rubb against rough surfaces.

Avoid wearing your swimwear against abrasive surfaces such as sitting on pavement, climbing over rocks, leaning against walls, or using rough bodyboards to keep it looking and performing its best. These types of surfaces can cause the fabric to become rough, snag, or tear, ruining the smooth, sleek look and feel of your favorite swimsuit. Unfortunately, our stitching warranty does not cover this type of damage, so remember to take care of your exceptional swimwear!


How to take care of your abely swimwear install in the washing machine

Swimwear in the washing machine is a formula for disaster, with tangled straps, drawn-out drawstrings, and fabric pressing up against zippers or velcro. We could only shudder. Everyday washing detergent might often be too harsh on the fabric, so a quick rinse in cold water is all your swimwear need!

How to take care of abely swimsuit put in the dryer or iron

Because your swimsuit isn't built to handle intense heat, it's recommended to avoid doing these activities to avoid damaging the fabric! The rubber in your swimsuit straps is extremely sensitive to heat, and they risk melting when ironed or dried. The best way to dry your swimsuit after washing it is to hang it up in the shade!

How to take care of abely swimsuit dry-clean

Swimsuit material excels at what it was designed for... WATER! The chemicals used in dry-cleaning are far too harsh on your valuable swimwear, which might cause damage.

How to clean abely swimsuit bleach

If you want your swimwear to keep the same brilliant color it was when you bought it, avoid using bleach! It's perhaps the most dangerous chemical in the laundry; even as adults, we don't trust ourselves to use it without destroying the entire house.

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