Are there any other safe ways to swim during menstruation besides using sanitary tampons?

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Are there any other safe ways to swim during menstruation besides using sanitary tampons?

Nowadays, the tampon is a very common product designed for our period. However, many of us may wonder whether it can be safely used while swimming or doing other water sports on period. Tampon is also safe to swim with.

Generally speaking, you won't bleed a lot and enough to be visible when staying in the water since the water pressure keeps it inside. However, the menstrual blood will flood as normal and the leakage might happen when you leave the water. So we want to wear something to absorb. There are some tips to ensure you can swim on your period more comfortably.

How to use a tampon while swimming?

1. picking a comfortable swimwear

Maybe it's not the best time for you to wear your brand new light-colored or white swimsuit.

To prevent leaking and being seendarker-coloreded swimwear would be a better choice. You might be more comfortable and confident if knowing you are less likely to be seen leaking.

2. Insert the tampon as usual and tuck in the tampon string

Choose a tampon that is absorbent enough to last for the hours that you spent in the water, maybe a large-sized one for the heavy flood days. And the rest of the steps are the same as routine. However, if you don't want the string to dangle out of the swimwear, just make sure to tuck the string into the bottom.

3. Enjoy your swimming

Swimming can make you feel less nervous and relieve your cramps. So don't be afraid to go to the pool when you are on your period. It can probably make you feel better, especially when dysmenorrhea happens.

4. Make sure to change a new tampon after you are done swimming

Since the tampon will soak up the water you are in like a sponge, it's necessary to remove it and get a new one afterward. Or else, the pool water will keep staying in the vagina and might cause some sort of disease.

Is it the only safe way to swim during your period?

Some of us might have been told it's not okay to wear a pad into the pool and it's not safe as wearing a tampon. It's a misunderstanding. Although the pad can also absorb water, it doesn't need to insert into the body so it won't leave dirty water inside.

Other than tampons, there are also many safe options like menstrual cups, and other alternative internally-worn, pads are also come in handy when you need to swim during your period.

Period swimwear is also an awesome new way to try out. With new leak-proof fabric technology, the gusset part can absorb and lock in the menstrual blood while its quick-dry feature can keep you comfortable at the same time.

The outer layer is also waterproof to keep you dry. We are also proceeding with doing such kind of swimwear, please contact us to custom if you are interested.

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