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Choose the swimsuit that best suits your body type

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Choose the swimsuit that best suits your body type

You are not alone if you have trouble finding a swimsuit that fits your body shape. Finding a swimsuit that fits you perfectly should be simpler given how important the fit is.

The disadvantages of a sweatshirt being somewhat large or small are negligible—barely worth mentioning and insufficient to discourage wearing. But a bathing suit? It's bad to wear a swimsuit that's too tiny or huge.

It's unpleasant. It's unattractive. Women have dealt with embarrassing disasters for far too long, and it may result in one!

What bathing suit is ideal for my body type? is probably the burning question on your mind if you're reading this. Exists a bathing suit that will fit me, look well on me, and make me feel at ease wearing it?

Yes! Yes, it is the answer. Think of your troubles with your bathing suit as history. Your reality when it comes to going to the beach and pool will change after reading this advice, and it will also affect how you choose the ideal bathing suit.

A Swimwear Collection for Every Body Type

Andie can fit you no matter who you are or what size you need. Purchasing swimwear has never been easier thanks to it.

A Swimsuit That Suits You

Body categories are already archaic, perplexing, and ludicrous. Do you want to be one of these several fruits, which are used to represent various body types and sizes? Is it necessary to be a fruit? You understand your body without being compared to an apple or a pears.

This guide will explain the many cuts and features you'll discover in the line so you can determine exactly what you're searching for because you are aware of your body and because Abely's swimwear collection is designed to fit everyone. You should be able to reduce your possibilities as a result.

The Pretty Features You Want

To determine the type of swimsuit you want, look through these various cuts and characteristics.

More Information

One Piece: There are many alternatives available if you prefer a swimsuit with greater coverage. Naturally, a one-piece covers more flesh and has a larger surface area. This also implies that there are numerous ways they can be made to reflect your individual style.

However, you might choose a two-piece with more skin covering if you like. The High-Waisted Bottom and this Longline Tank provide you the covering of a one-piece suit with the flexibility of a two-piece.

A pinup-style skirt bottom, a tank with a square neckline, and The Boy Short Bottom are other two-piece alternatives for further coverage.

Extra skin

Less coverage and more skin can look better on occasion. A two-piece suit can be the best option if you prefer to expose more flesh and soak up more sun. Avoid tan lines by going strapless with The Scala Top, or choose a String Bikini for a classic, delicate look.

We also have one-piece styles that reveal your skin. The Santorini has a keyhole shape with a knotted center that highlights your facial skin in the front. A sleek design is balanced with your skin's natural beauty with the open back and thin straps.

To suit Long Torsos

If you have a lengthy torso, you are aware of how challenging it is to locate a one-piece suit that fits you well. Fortunately, Andie is aware of this and has a ton of outfits made to fit your lovely length. You may quickly see how many fantastic possibilities there are by clicking on this link.

To Display Your Legs

Some cuts could make your legs appear to be days long. Getting around the pool will certainly require the same number of steps, but you'll feel as though you're running a runway.

The Bronte's high leg cut and cleverly placed seams substantially elongate your lower body (plus, it comes in a leopard print color option).

The Gold Coast bottom achieves the same result with the use of a cheeky cut and a waistband design. Shop Andie for a variety of suits with flattering high leg cuts for your legs.


Wearing bottoms with a high waist can help you appear to have longer legs and can help you look slimmer around your hips and lower abdomen. Perfect examples include The High-Waisted Bottom and The Venice Bottom.

Shock Cut

The eyeline that a plunge cut creates runs from your breast to your face, which will draw attention upward. It should come as no surprise that your chest will draw attention when you wear a plunging cut. This is another simple technique for getting people to look up at your face, or at least closer to it, and away from your waistline.

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