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What do you think are the most important factors in selecting cycling jersey?

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What do you think are the most important factors in selecting cycling jersey?

In fact, cycling jerseys for cycling enthusiasts are a must-have cycling supply,because wearing cycling clothes in the cycling process is a very necessary thing because cycling clothes, in addition to having the functions of shame, warmth, and other functions, also have special functions such as reducing wind resistance, perspiration, being breathable, being easy to wash, being quick-drying, and so on.

Cycling clothing allows you to ride better and get less wind resistance; the riding process also has a better exhaust sweat effect; and from the overall visual, people can see you from the first glance. Riding clothing that is close to the body can be very effective in avoiding the situation of peddling, especially in the process of riding, and can effectively reduce the wind resistance. Maybe you ride a dozen or twenty kilometers and will not feel the difference between ordinary clothes, but if you have more than a hundred kilometers to ride, every extra point of wind resistance, every extra negative hundreds of grams of weight, is a big difference.So What do you think are the most important factors in selecting cycling clothing

Cycling jersey top fabric is of great importance.

Cycling clothes have high requirements for fabrics, and different fabrics have different experiences on the body. Spring and summer cycling apparel requires that the top of the cycling apparel has the function of perspiration and quick-drying. Cycling clothing fabrics are mostly special fabrics that can transport sweat from the surface of the body through clothing fibers to the surface layer of the clothes while riding while evaporating quickly to achieve efficient perspiration. In the hot summer, advanced fabrics also have an anti-ultraviolet function, which can reduce the risk of ultraviolet damage. In winter, you can choose padded and thickened cycling jerseys to keep warm.

In addition, a good jersey top should fit the body line, and the fabric should be stretchy, not loose or tight. Too loose can lead to greater wind resistance, while too tight can cause premature muscle fatigue and discomfort. Compression fabrics take the pressure off your muscles, and a jumpsuit is an excellent choice for time trials where you're racing against the clock. At the same time, the breathability of cycling tops is also very important. Good cycling jerseys are usually designed with mesh holes in the armpits to dissipate heat and avoid sweat retention. The hem of the cycling jersey should be tightened without chafing at the waist.

The compression of cycling pants should not be ignored.

Riding mainly relies on leg movement, and most of the pressure is concentrated in the buttocks, so choosing a good pair of cycling pants is more important than cycling tops. Currently, mainstream cycling pants have a back strap design. The advantage of this design is to be able to maintain the stability of the pants during strenuous exercise while improving the efficiency of the back of the waist and the back of the force.

In the thigh section, riding pants should naturally wrap around the thigh muscles, both of which have a compression effect. The closure is often made of elastic fabric, which is preferred to fit snugly around the thighs without sliding up and down during riding; otherwise, prolonged friction may lead to discomfort and reduce athletic performance. In the case of seven-quarter or long pants, it is best to be able to give the calf muscles a sense of compression, thus performing better in endurance riding. Additionally, the sweat-wicking and breathability of cycling pants are equally essential.

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