The First Talisman for Women's Sports Safety: Sports Bra

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The First Talisman for Women's Sports Safety: Sports Bra

For girls, essential clothing is essential throughout the year, and in addition to the essential items like underwear for boys, underwear also plays a crucial role. Moreover, the comfort level of underwear also plays a significant role in women's physical experience.

Why Do I Need Sports Bras

The purpose of wearing sports underwear and regular underwear is actually different. Regular underwear is more to "protect the basic body", that is, regular underwear only drags the chest horizontally to prevent sagging or expanding, and some underwear can achieve contraction and aggregation effect, making it more versatile in dressing and matching.

And sports underwear, due to its demand for matching scenes, is more used to counteract the gravitational force during activities. Because during exercise, whether it is the stable core of yoga, cat pose, dog pose, or arm swing during long-distance running, women's breasts will sway due to their unique structural characteristics. I believe everyone has experienced this during their physical education classes in high school. Running 800 meters or even standing long jumps can cause the chest to shake back and forth inside regular underwear.

From a supportive perspective, ordinary lingerie pays more attention to modifying the chest shape, gathering, and aesthetics, and is more inclined towards daily life scenarios. The main advantages of sports underwear are strong support and fixation, which are highly matched in sports scenes. Reducing chest shaking can not only reduce a certain degree of harm to the body, but also avoid physical embarrassment in public places.

At the same time, sports underwear is designed to meet various needs of sports scenes, such as high sweating capacity, large range of exercise, and easy accumulation of sweat in the collarbone, chest, and armpits. Therefore, in the selection of material materials, breathability and stretchability are generally valued. At the same time, special treatments will be applied to the width of the shoulder straps and the material of the lower chest circumference to ensure stability and skin friendliness in later wear.

Can't Wearing Regular Underwear During Exercise Stop Exercising?

The chest is closer to a fluid state in the internal structure of the human body. According to data, when girls run, their breasts sway in an ∞ shape. Even if a girl with an A Cup runs without the protection of a sports bra, the amplitude of chest sway can reach 6 cm or even more. If it is a more intense exercise than running, chest shaking or pulling may be more severe, which may damage the connective tissue of the chest, cause chest sagging, and in severe cases, damage the chest shape. Even if there is no visible damage to the chest, insufficient support in the underwear may cause chest pain or neck soreness.

The main factor in keeping the chest upright is relying on the skin and a special ligament, the breast suspension ligament. The skin itself has no support for the chest, and its function can be understood as shaping; So most of the internal support is actually suspended ligaments at work. Just like everyday rubber bands, if left in a tense state for a long time, the rubber band will lose its tightness over time. Similarly, if one is in a state of high exercise intensity for a long time, chest shaking will keep the ligaments in a "tense" state, which will accelerate the damage of the breast suspension ligaments and cause chest sagging. In serious cases, it may even damage the health of the chest and induce diseases such as breast cancer.

So we can basically understand sports underwear as greatly reducing the physical impact caused by chest shaking during exercise. Sports underwear is designed to not only protect women's breasts at the most basic level during exercise, but also provide sufficient support, wrapping, and fixation for the chest, reducing the occurrence of chest sagging and expansion.

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