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How Much Do You Know About The "Secret" Of Yoga Suits?

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How Much Do You Know About The "Secret" Of Yoga Suits?

With more and more people paying attention to health, yoga has become more popular, and yoga fabrics have already become an indispensable and important element in fashion. But many people don't know how to choose a yoga suit that suits them correctly. So today, let's learn about the commonly used fabrics for yoga suits? How to choose a yoga suit that suits you? How to choose a yoga suit? What should I pay attention to?

What Are The Commonly Used Fabrics For Yoga Suits?

Quick Drying Fabric

Quick drying fabric is a common fabric for sportswear, belonging to a double-layer structure fabric. The close layer is non absorbent but porous synthetic fiber, and the outer layer is a absorbent cotton blend. Generally, there are more synthetic and polyester fibers, which will not stick to the clothes after sweating, making them more comfortable.

Advantages: Strong volatility and water absorption, good moisture dissipation and warmth retention, keeping the skin dry and refreshing, and can play a better role in wind, rain, and moisture prevention. When you sweat, the inner layer has no affinity for sweat and is directly transmitted to the outer layer of absorbent material through micro pores, so that your intimate inner layer always does not feel the presence of sweat. The characteristic is to quickly guide the sweat from the body to the outer layer of the clothes. On the one hand, the inner layer is dry, and on the other hand, the sweat is easily evaporated in the outer layer.

Disadvantages: If the quick drying fabric contains 100% polyester fiber, it is not a comfortable state for the human body to wear.

Lycra Fabric

Lycra fabric is made of spandex fiber (short for Spandex polyurethane fiber), sometimes directly referred to as "spandex fabric".

Advantages: Adding Lycra to the fabric can enhance its elasticity, allowing it to move freely and maintain its shape for a long time during movement. It has good elasticity and is not easily deformed, making it a comfortable fit. Lycra can be used in combination with various fibers without changing the appearance and texture of the fabric. The fabric is very soft.

Disadvantage: Lycra fabric must be blended with other fibers to produce a finished product.

White Cotton Sports Bra

Odell Fabric

Odell fabric is a high-end fiber made by weaving plant protein fibers through a special process, and then using this plant egg.The fabric composed of white fiber and cotton textile is an environmentally friendly textile fabric.

Advantages: Good moisture absorption and conductivity, large elasticity, soft and breathable, with hanging and flowing performance, light and thin texture, smooth and not easy to shrink, easy to wash and dry.

Disadvantage: This fabric belongs to natural fiber fabric and is expensive.

Modal Fabric

Modal fiber is a type of cellulose fiber that, like artificial cotton, belongs to the category of cellulose fiber and is a pure artificial fiber dimension. It is made from wood pulp produced from shrublands in Europe and processed through specialized spinning techniques. Nowadays, most of the used for underwear production.

Advantages: Soft feel, strong moisture absorption, bright color, good drape, and natural wrinkle resistance and easy ironing of the fabric sex.

Disadvantages: The fabric has poor firmness, is prone to fuzzing, and is relatively expensive.

Bamboo Fiber Fabric

Bamboo fiber fabric is a new type of fabric made from bamboo through a special process and woven into bamboo fibers.A truly natural and environmentally friendly green fiber.

Advantages: Soft and warm, moisture absorbing and breathable, antibacterial and antibacterial, UV resistant, warm in winter and cool in summer, with the natural beauty of bamboo function, natural anti mite, anti odor, and anti insect negative ion characteristics, natural health care, and green environmental protection.

Disadvantages: Short service life, after a period of use, the cotton loop is prone to fall off, losing its previous smoothness, softness, and warmth, becoming dry and hard; The breathability and instantaneous water absorption gradually decrease after use.

Nylon Fabric

Nylon, commonly known as nylon, is a collective term for polyamide fibers produced in China. Nylon fabric.It is a lightweight fabric with excellent wear resistance and durability, as well as good moisture absorption.

Advantages: Excellent elasticity and elastic recovery, ranking first among various fabrics in terms of wear resistance, compared to other fiber fabrics of similar products.Many times higher, therefore, its durability is excellent.

Disadvantages: Under small external forces, the fabric is prone to deformation, wrinkling, and poor heat and light resistance during wear during wear and use, attention should be paid to the washing and maintenance conditions to avoid damaging the fabric.

How To Choose A Suitable Yoga Outfit?

When you practice dog pose or try new balance positions at a yoga studio, it is already challenging enough, but when practicing the difficulty becomes even greater when you need to play with drooping yoga clothes that are too tight or uncomfortable.That's why you need to purchase breathable, flexible, and comfortable clothes.The yoga clothes you purchase are largely.It depends on personal preferences, but when you consider practicing slightly higher-level yoga, you need to consider whether you can support it and the current posture practiced.

What Do You Need To Wear When Practicing Yoga?

1. Breathable and flexible bottoms, such as yoga pants or shorts.

2. A breathable, narrow or fitted top that won't hang on your head when you stand upside down.

For women, sports bras can provide sufficient support when practicing yoga.

What Do Classic Yoga Costumes Include?

Plus Size Women Sports Bra

Yoga Tights

To be honest, wearing tight pants is superior to loose fitting sports pants in terms of comfort and performance. Tight pants can provide appropriate pressure, wrap and support key muscle groups, thereby reducing leg muscle tremors and making sports more focused. Multiple studies both domestically and internationally have shown that tight pants have a positive impact on sports.

Compared to the control group without wearing tight pants, wearing tight pants can shorten the fatigue time of athletes and reduce the degree of fatigue. Tight pants will exert certain pressure on the lower limbs, which is beneficial for promoting blood circulation in the legs, promoting lactate metabolism, and reducing recovery time after exercise.

Yoga Shorts

Shorts, whose professional name is yoga cycling pants, are made of very soft, elastic, and plastic fabric that can be cut very well,good protection for the body and a great wearing experience.

By fully utilizing the characteristics of one's own tight fitting clothing, it can effectively hide the flesh and create a slender and tall visual effect as a whole. Yoga shorts are suitable for different body shapes, and girls of different body shapes can easily handle them. They look simple and elegant, and are more charming when walking force.

Yoga Top

We often see that the movements of yoga are relatively soft and the amplitude is relatively large, so it is required that the yoga practice clothing should not be too tight. Clothing that is too close to the body is not good for stretching. If you have a large chest, a V-neck top is not a good choice, and you can choose a high round neck. Some vests have built-in chest pads, and if they don't have enough support, it's best to wear a sports bra.

Yoga Sports Bra

Like any exercise, yoga requires sweating, so you need to wear some styles that can breathe, absorb moisture, and sweat; Avoid cotton textile fabrics. When you enter deep exercise, buy underwear that won't cause too much friction to your body. The choice of sports underwear will depend on your bra size and coverage needs. Generally speaking, high-intensity courses such as strength synthesis require stronger support as you may experience twists and handstands. If you plan to participate in low intensity classes such as yin yoga or restorative yoga, then those with lower support will be fine

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